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How To Choose The Best Name For Your Female Or Male Cat


Choosing a name for your cat should take some serious consideration, after all cats are more than a little special. The first thing to consider when naming your cat is, it should be easy to pronounce and should roll off the tongue. When you introduce your new feline family member to your friends, you don’t want them struggling to pronounce or remember your cat’s name. It should also reflect your cat’s gender, you can save yourself a lot of frustration of correcting people when they refer to your male cat Jiji as a she, for example. Fluffy and Ginger just aren’t male cat names.

Please make the name public-friendly, you don’t want to turn bright red in the vet’s waiting room while your cat’s name is being called out loud. It may be funny and humorous in the privacy of your own home, but giving your female cat a name that’s a play on words might prove embarrassing later on, like when she’s escaped and you have to call for her around the neighborhood (oh, the looks you’ll get). Girl cat names should be chosen with pride and respect in mind.

It can also be an annoyance when visitors shorten the name, for example your cat’s name is Victoria and your friend shortens it to “Vicky”or “Vic.”These kinds of nick-names end up sticking, and it’s heart breaking to see your kitty respond to a name you hate. However, Tinkerbell shorten to Tink is cute, and it is said that cats better respond to one or two syllable names rather than really long names e.g.  a first name that’s three names long. It may look dignified on paper, boy cat names like “Sir Weston Windsor”but are you going talk to him using his full name? Will he even respond to his pompous name? Well, he is a cat, he just might.

Keep the name original and clever. Female cat names like “Princess”& “Mittens”are all too common, you can run the risk of your pet getting mixed up at the vet’s office. Your cat is unique and has a personality all its own, taking some time before christening him/her is perfectly fine. There has been incidences where owners have named their cat only to have said cat refuse to respond, so your cat does have a say in what they will be called. A cat I once knew went through about five names before she was satisfied with “Humus.”So take your time and be patient.

In the end is really up to you and your precious feline what name you will be giving him/her, keep in mind these are only suggestions to make your decision easier, and not some rules to follow. But, be warned if your kitty doesn’t like the name you’ve chosen, he/she will let you know, you’ll be getting the cold shoulder. If you need some inspiration, here are a few unique names mixed with the most popular cat names:

Dove, Ash, Grayson, Mouse, Lynx, Beetle, Butler, Crow, Tiger, Hades, Java, Jinx, Ko-Ko, Mystery, Nox, Pearl, Blanca, Opal, Piper, Baby-Kitty, Mr Whiskers, Marbles, Wednesday, Dali, Tabitha, Bronte, Atticus, Romeo, Brownie, Widget, Miracle, Levi, Max, Sebastian, and Poe.

If you need more inspiration, look to your favorite authors, poets, artists, actors, musicians, fictional characters, favorite foods, gems, teams, colors, states, streets etc. Can you speak a foreign language? Try there. You can find ideas in the arts, nature, food & drinks (whisky) pop-culture, anywhere and everywhere it just takes time and imagination and maybe a few trials before you and your kitty find the “purfect” name (sorry couldn’t resist).


Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it’s one of their more endearing qualities. So be feline and prowl this website’s pages.